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Welcome to Raid Laban College, Shillong

The Interception : Anything great is nothing but a small thing transfigured. So is the story of Raid Laban College. An outcome of a shared vision and values of everyone involved. RLC is a composite of dedication and sacrifice of not one but millions. Twenty-five years back, a few right-thinking persons of Greater Laban visualized the need for having an educational institution to fulfil the academic aspiration catering to collegiate education. The dream came true one fine morning on the 2nd of July, 1984. A steering committee was formed comprising twenty-four members chaired by (L) Shri P.M. Ngap, a senior resident of Laban. The convenor being Mr. O.K. Lyngdoh and Treasurer (L) Mrs. T. Rynjah...

The Beginning : A month later on 13th of August, 1084, the Steering Committee elected the members of the First Governing Body with Shri. J.D. Pohrmen as Founder President ( who holds the office till date ) ; Prof. C.S. Thakur was the Principal till March 1988. Prof. S. Nongbri as the Founder Secretary and Honorary Principal ( who officiated as the full-time Principal since then) ; Shri. A. Lyngdoh was elected Vice- President, (L) Shri.P.M. Ngap, Shri. O.K. Lyngdoh and (L) Mrs. Neena Rynjah were elected Members...

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Principal Message

Welcome all to the web-site of Raid Laban College. This college was established in 1984 with classes starting with a handful of students, however over the years the college has grown by leaps and bounds inspite of many hurdles on its path of growth and development...

The college will be celebrating its silver jubilee with the launch of this website.

I would like to thank all the staff both Teaching and Non-Teaching for their undying devotion to their duty in serving the students of this college student who come not only from Meghalaya but the entire North East and the neighbouring country Bhutan...

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Our Vision

Raid Laban College is the the Outcome of Shared vision and values of everyone involved, with great unity and tremendous commitment. It is the people's heart and ind that governs our achievement."Our aim is building a character of total Integrity and Living the Life of Love and Servie" ...

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Our Mission

It is the mission of the College to engage students of uncommon promise in an intense full-time education of their minds, exploration of their creative faculties and development of their social and leadership abilities.

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Contact Us

Address:Raid Laban College Shillong
Telephone: 0364-2227548, 0364-2503454
FAX: 0364-2503454

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