Steering Committee/Sponsoring Body reconstituted with the following as office bearers and members respectively”, as follows:

President :
Mr. S.Nongbri
Vice-President :
Ms. E.M. Syiemiong
Secretary :
Ms. D.Rynjah
Members :
Mrs. M.A. Kharjana
Shri Sanbor Shullai
Mr.Lur Mangkara Rani
Ms.Ivory Rapthap
Doner’s :
Ms. Sita Rapsang
Mrs. Coney Sawkmie
Teacher’s Representative :
Bianca Kyndiah
Mr. D.Dey
NEHU Representative :
Prof. B.War
Dr. V.K.Shrotriya
Parents Representative :
Mrs. Q.Passah

The tenure of this Governing Body will be for three years with effect from 1st August 2012 to 31st July 2015 .

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